Paul Geelen

The Node Appearance I _ Paul Geelen (3)

Paul Geelen; The Node Appearance
Inexactly this – Kunstvlaai
23.11 – 02.12 2012

In his presentation for P/////AKT at the Kunstvlaai, Paul Geelen shows some works in various stages of realisation. Completed, on going and even brittle. The structure of the exhibition is built around ‘Portal (the Id, Ego and Superego)’, an architectural intervention around a state of consciousness.

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The Principle Rules

The Principle Rules was the fourth project within the presentation format on art as a Mental Space. This program consists of serial solo presentations, whereby each series has a specific focus. Each edition has Chrétien Breukers as a moderator. The moderator’s role is to represent an external perspective, to reflect on the concept and the exhibitions and to communicate his conclusions, ideas or thoughts. The Principle Rules featured Esper Postma, Hedwig Houben, Marianne Vierø and Sybren de Boer and was focusing on art as a “readable” principle, by which recognizable elements function as a basis for the construction of a visual language and the grammar of a different reality. Directed from one basic thought or gesture, but in the end primarily intuitive and poetic in result.

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Sybren de Boer

Sybren de Boer
The Principle Rules IV
The Unprecedented / Gala van de Weergaloze
27.10 – 25.11.2012

Sybren de Boer often makes space filling installations,  creating a parcours by combining and connecting all kinds of every day objects. He is mainly interested in the moment when meaning only just starts to take shape, in the liminal situation before a doodle turns into a drawing, absent mindedness results in a clear train of thought or a random act becomes a consious decision.
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Marianne Vierø

Marianne Vierø
Zeppelin Bend
The Principle Rules III
8.9 – 7.10.2012

 Zeppelin Bend is the name of the knot that, according to myth, was used to tie down zeppelins while docking. Apparently someone would lower a rope down from one of these floating giants and someone else would catch the end and tie it to another bit of rope (hence the word ‘bend’ which is a kind of knot used to join two ropes). Continue reading

Hedwig Houben


Hedwig Houben – Five Possible Lectures On Six Possibilities For A Sculpture
The Principle Rules II
15.6 – 15.7.2012

Hedwig Houben places herself as a maker in opposition to her practice. She literally engages, usually through videos and performances, in conversations with her work or allows certain objects to have conversations on issues like form, style, medium, quality and unicity. By doing so she not only questions herself as an artist but also art as such, and how it’s valuated. Continue reading

Esper Postma

Esper Postma
Por algo será
The Principle Rules I
28.4 – 27.5.2012

‘Por algo será’ (there must be a reason)* is based on a personal experience of the Dirty War, the state terrorism during the military dictatorship in Argentina from 1976 until 1983. Actress Paula Juan Lima was six years old when the coup took place and her mother was arrested. Postma invited her to both write a script based on what she actually remembers, as well as to take on the role of director for the staged reenactment of her own memory.

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Saskia Noor van Imhoff, Daniel de Roo, Charlott Markus, Fleur van Dodewaard, Erica van Loon


Saskia Noor van Imhoff, Daniel de Roo, Charlott Markus, Fleur van Dodewaard, Erica van Loon
The Spaces In Between
03.3 – 25.03 2012

P/////AKT is happy to present a group show with 5 young artists and their recent work. This set-up was already devised in 2010 and has now finally found its proper place in between two series of solo exhibitions and within our program on art as a mental space.
The artists participating in The Spaces in Between find their common ground on the border of things: moving back and forth between the reality and artificiality, object and image, space and surface, substance and absence.
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Where time has lost its relevance

Where time has lost its relevance is the third project within the presentation format on art as a mental space. Art (or P/////AKT) as a mental space consists of a serial solo presentations whereby each series of three has a specific focus and this focus in turn is connected to past or forthcoming editions. Furthermore each series has a moderator as a fourth participant. The moderator represents, through reflecting on the concept and the exhibitions, the outside perspective.

Preceded by Space is a Word (on the construction of visual language and its architectural implications) and Will it really take place (on the ever shifting relations between artwork and art space) Where time has lost its relevance is focusing on big themes such as religion, sexuality and violence and the possibility to create a transcendental environment through (recognizable) images. Four artists, each with a very outspoken visual language, have been invited to assemble and merge subjects, representations and art history into the here and now and the physical space of P/////AKT.

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