P/////AKT is a non-profit exhibition space for contemporary art that organizes and facilitates large scale solo presentations through which the audience gets the opportunity to gain insight in the thinking space of the artists.

P/////AKT provides a platform for exceptional, emerging artistic talents, who distinguish themselves through their unique and authentic language and who are capable of giving a different view on the current way of thinking. They are stimulated to work out new developments and are given the opportunity to present their work to a relevant audience. Furthermore, P/////AKT always asks the artists to produce new work that relates to the specific nature and dimensions of the given space and to present their own mental space as an overall presentation within the given context.

Peter Happel: financial administration
Lisa Sudhibhasilp: production assistant
Nienke Vijlbrief: founder / artistic director
Rob van de Werdt: founder / artistic director
Emiel Zeno: production assistant

Britt Hendriks: secretary
Nienke Vijlbrief: chair
Rob van de Werdt: treasurer

Supervisory board:
Steven van Teeseling
Kasper Bosmans
– vacancy-

P/////AKT in 2023
P/////AKT is registered as an ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation) An ANBI does not pay Dutch inheritance tax or gift tax on inheritances and does not pay Dutch gift tax on gifts that the organisation awards to the public benefit. Natural and legal persons who donate to an ANBI can deduct their gifts from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.
The foundation adheres to the guidelines provided by the Code Cultural Governance  and  Fair Practice Code in order to establish a responsible, transparent and fair management. We do our best to provide a safe environment for our visitors, colleagues and artists. For any issues concerning undesirable behaviour or of a confidential nature that cannot be discussed with us, please reach out to MORES for further help.

RSIN 8554.02.659

Jaarverslag activiteiten 2022
Jaarverslag financieel 2022


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P/////AKT would like to thank the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Stadsdeel Oost, and Mondriaan Fund for their current support.