Become a member of our P/////AKT Collection!

We are extremely proud of our alumni and the wonderful projects that we have realized together. Because these projects always come to an end, we have thought about a way to keep them alive in another form than documentation and publications. Since 2016 we have started a growing collection of limited editions by artists that we have worked with, and that we would now also like to share with you in the form of a membership.

To become a member of The Collection means that:
– you will share in our achievements and support the artists that we will work with in the future;
– therefore you will gladly contribute by donating for a minimum of three years;
– for which we will reward you by allowing you to select one or two artworks to take home with you each year, depending on your annual contribution of € 300 or € 500;
– and we will additionally provide you with a membership certificate, free publications and free drinks on our opening nights.

If this sounds like something you would be up for, please have a look at our collection here, and contact us for more information here.