Not Making Sense As Something Else is the title for the 2015 series of six exhibitions featuring Bram de Jonghe, Dan Walwin, Bas Van Den Hurk & Hans Demeulenaere, Claudia Pagès & Ulijona Odišarija, Roderick Hietbrink and Kasper Bosmans. The series focuses on the search for and on the analysis of apparent truths and assumptions, the wonder about this and the (im)possibility of the mental world with it. Each of the selected artists has a very own method linked to specific research areas, and from there to a surreal, absurd or poetic imagination of that world. Not Making Sense As Something Else is reflected upon by Freek Lomme (moderator) and Marnie Slater (writer).

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Kasper Bosmans


Kasper Bosmans
Little Cherry Virus
Not Making Sense As Something Else VI
22 Nov – 20 Dec 2015

Thu-Sun 14-18 hrs

Opening: 21 Nov 2015, 20 – 24 hrs

Ouragans Never Come Alone
An event by Nico Dockx & Kasper Bosmans
November 2015 version
29 November, 17.30 hrs
part of Amsterdam Art Weekend

For his exhibition Little Cherry Virus, artist Kasper Bosmans (Belgium, 1990) draws from a multitude of sources, the first one giving the project its title. Each strand of investigation is incorporated within Bosman’s unique visual language and translated into paintings and sculptural ensembles.

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Roderick Hietbrink


Roderick Hietbrink
Roaming Organs
Not Making Sense As Something Else V
11.10 – 8.11.2015

Thu-Sun 14-18 hrs

Opening: 10.10.2015, 20-24 hrs

“I like to think about what was there before I was here, strange animals and stones that run after each other. But then I also get a bit sad when I think about that we are all going to die. But then it is nice weather outside and then I like to play in the forest. Then I forget it a little bit. When I think back I have nice memories, but I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe I will fall in love with something. Or someone, that can also happen. Don’t be stupid, no one falls in love with a thing. But why not? I am also a thing. 

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Claudia Pagès & Ulijona Odišarija

claudia and Ulijana 1

Claudia Pagès & Ulijona Odišarija
Empathy and Burnout
Not Making Sense As Something Else IV
curated by Gerda Paliušyté

30.08 – 20.09.2015
Thu – Sun, 14-18 hrs
Empathy by Claudia Pagès: 14-16 hrs

Burnout by Ulijona Odišarija: 16-18 hrs

Opening: 29.08, 19-24 hrs
Encapsulated music or/and script for Empathy,
a performance by Claudia Pagès at 21 hrs 

Finissage: 20.09, from 18 hrs
Encapsulated music or/and script for Empathy,
a performance by Claudia Pagès at 18.30 hrs
bar opens at 18 hrs

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Bas Van Den Hurk & Hans Demeulenaere

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Bas Van Den Hurk & Hans Demeulenaere + guest artists
Lorelinde Verhees & Koenraad Dedobbeleer
Politics of Installation, part 2
Not Making Sense As Something Else III
14.06.2015 – 12.07.2015

Opening: 13.06, 20-24 hrs

“By taking aesthetic responsibility in a very explicit way for the design of the installation space, the artist reveals the hidden sovereign dimension of the contemporary democratic order that politics, for the most part, tries to conceal.” – Boris Groys

Politics of Installation is a two-part dialogue between Bas van den Hurk and Hans Demeulenaere, in which they examine their own and each other’s practice, in order to form a new series of works and presentation models together. After the first part in Loods 12 in Wetteren (B), the final part is now presented in P/////AKT. A combination of new works and parts of the previous show, will be displayed in a new arrangement.

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Dan Walwin


Dan Walwin
Sun room
Not Making Sense As Something Else II
12.04.15 – 10.05.15
Open: Thu-Sun, 14-18 hrs

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Sun room is the second show in the series Not Making Sense As Something Else, which is reflected upon by Freek Lomme (moderator) and Marnie Slater (writer). Marnie Slater is commissioning a series of texts by women, to be read in parallel to the exhibition programme. For Sun room, author Jay Tan wrote the text Hushing. Read it here.

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Poppositions 2015: Michiel Hilbrink


Michiel Hilbrink
It is too early in our relationship for that, too soon too (various dimensions)
Poppositions off-fair, Brussels

With the sculptures in this site-specific installation, Michiel Hilbrink explores the possibilities of putting a finger on the place where one’s focus turns from mental to physical perception. From word to material. He tries to capture this moment of turning by extending it into the exhibition space, where it is paralleled as a three-dimensional snapshot of a gone moment. Hilbrink’s sculptures are manifestations that suggest meaning but a not clearly anchored or directly readable. A specific openess is doubled by titles that evoke possible relationships and narratives. The things that inhabit the exhibition space echo logics that belong to our everyday environment.

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Bram de Jonghe

Bram de Jonghe
Not Making Sense As Something Else I
22.02.15 – 22.03.15

Bram De Jonghe combines monumental spatial interventions with fragile gestures. Time and again, he relates to the so-called white cube, which he experiences as a compulsory stigma as well as a starting point: De Jonghe manipulates spaces in a refined way. He constructs sculptural equivalents of reasonings ad abursdum: assertions that are carried through into the ludicrous in order to prove the opposite. This is exemplified by his ambition to make an instrument which almost blows out a candle. The relation between machine and craft is also typical for De Jonghe’s work.

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