Kunstlicht put together the exhibition Alternative Exactitudes to coincide with the publication Mind the Map.

It took place from 19 – 22 December 2013 at P/////AKT, platform for contemporary art Amsterdam.

Featuring: Annesas Appel, Lado Darakhvelidze, Luc Deleu/T.O.P. Office, Tim Hollander, Gert Jan Kocken, Jean Bernard Koeman, Julio Pastor, Caterina Pecchioli, Elian Somers, Adrien Tirtiaux, and Sofie Van Der Linden. During the opening there was a performance by Pia Louwerens and a lecture by Robert Verhoogt.

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A Matter of Sight and Light and Matter

A Matter of Sight and Light and Matter is not artistic research, nor a simple presentation of a survey. However, the process of creation is an important focus of both exhibitions, as is the fact that final result is uncertain. A Matter of Sight and Light and Matter is an attempt to explore the imperceptible and manipulate uncontrollable. Moderator of this series is Wybren Jan Buma, a scientist who conducts research at the UvA into the impact of light on the molecular movement, molecular photonics.

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Anami Schrijvers


Anami Schrijvers – Un-identity
(A Matter of Sight and Light and Matter part II)
Opening: Saturday November 16th 2013, 20-24 hrs
Until: Sunday December 15th 2013, Thu-Su, 14-18 hrs

The work of Anami Schrijvers follows paths and theoretical ideas that, by nature, raise objection to the assumption of their own internal hierarchy or fixed relation. This suggestion of chronic instability is paradoxically a returning subject in Schrijvers’ work. Titles and works are often forcefully divorced from one another. By those means, the works prioritize a transformation process trough the arbitration of its readers. In turn expecting a conflict between the moment of observation and the past and future of this act.
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Irretraceable Urge

A series on modernism as an applied visual language and how to avoid its cliché by embracing them while keeping a distance.


Melanie Ebenhoch
I recently dreamed we shared the same thoughts
10.02 – 10.03.2013

Jean-Baptiste Maitre
This Is What I Meant
7.04 – 5.05.2013

Thomas Raat
Self and Others
26.05 – 23.06.2013

Moderator: Our Polite Society.
Our Polite Society contributed to the series also realizing different installations inside the exhibition space called ‘vitrines’. Check the pictures of the installations here.

Thomas Raat


Thomas Raat – Self and Others
(Irretraceable Urge III)
Opening: Saturday May 25th 2013, 20-24 hrs
Until: Sunday June 23rd 2013, Thu-Su, 14-18 hrs

In his recent works Thomas Raat uses the aesthetic concepts of what he calls ‘slipstream’ Modernism: the point where the radical  aspects of the Avant-garde turn into an apparent convention and where the intersection between form, utility and history becomes paramount. Raat is specifically interested in the notion of the ‘true-false’, the substitute or actually the value of the residue, which he researches by appropriating book cover designs, public sculpture, advertisements and other sources of applied art and design.

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Jean-Baptiste Maitre


Jean-Baptiste Maitre – This Is What I Meant
(Irretraceable Urge II)
Opening: Saturday April 6th 2013, 20-24 hrs
Until: Sunday May 5th 2013, Thursday-Sunday 14-18 hrs

“Few if any external influences on the work of modern painters and sculptors have been more critical than that of the tribal: the objects look like huge creative playthings. They hang from the ceiling, climb up the walls, stand in rows like great metal boxes or  built like huge destroyer smokestacks. Modern artists have continued to display strong interest in the art and culture of tribal societies. Continue reading

Melanie Ebenhoch


Melanie Ebenhoch
I recently dreamed we shared the same thoughts
(Irretraceable Urge I)
Opening: Saturday February 9th 2013, 20–24 hrs
Until: Sunday March 10th 2013, Thursday-Sunday 14-18 hrs

Melanie Ebenoch’s installation I recently dreamed we shared the same thoughts is the first of three exhibitions at P/////AKT for the Irretraceable Urge series, which will continue until the summer with consecutive solo projects by Jean-Baptiste Maitre and Thomas Raat.
Ebenhoch’s contribution to the series consists of several interconnected works that are all generated from Dual, Marc Camille Chaimowicz’ 1992 prototype for a chair.
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