Anami Schrijvers – Un-identity

A Matter of Sight and Light and Matter part II

Opening: Saturday November 16th 2013, 20-24 hrs
17 November – 15 December 2013
Thu-Su, 14-18 hrs

The work of Anami Schrijvers follows paths and theoretical ideas that, by nature, raise objection to the assumption of their own internal hierarchy or fixed relation. This suggestion of chronic instability is paradoxically a returning subject in Schrijvers’ work. Titles and works are often forcefully divorced from one another. By those means, the works prioritize a transformation process trough the arbitration of its readers. In turn expecting a conflict between the moment of observation and the past and future of this act.

Processes and working methods employed by Schrijvers – where solid materials are often literally made fluid or flexible in order to be solidified in another shape – can for example be seen as an analogy with a mental process through which psychological urgency changes into the haphazardness of feelings or ideas. Within these transformations a part, if not all, of the preceding identity of a form or idea is lost. The wider question, which therefore seems to be posed in his work, is how one can determine stability in concepts and analysis, in form and matter, even if only for a moment and only for oneself.
Unidentity at PAKT presents a number of works that are precisely evolving around this subject matter. The presentation consists of sculpture, photography, video and audio and combines research material and autonomized works. Several of the works result directly from recently undertaken research done by Schrijvers into the possibilities of making sculptures with molten rock. The ultimate objective of this research is to create sculptures of lava, poured at the spot where the liquid lava still flows from the volcanos slope, a material that the artist himself describes as sculptural material par excellence.
In March 2014 De Service Garage will present an exhibition in which among other work new developments and results of further research will be shown.