Marianne Vierø – Zeppelin Bend

The Principle Rules III

8 September – 7 October 2012

 Zeppelin Bend is the name of the knot that, according to myth, was used to tie down zeppelins while docking. Apparently someone would lower a rope down from one of these floating giants and someone else would catch the end and tie it to another bit of rope (hence the word ‘bend’ which is a kind of knot used to join two ropes).

With “Zeppelin Bend” Marianne Vierø unsettles the hierarchy between material, method and maker as a way to investigate how the shifting balance between the three conditions a resulting object or situation. The main features of the show are concentrated around four structures recalling various types of display cabinets. Constructed from untreated, but distinctly colored wood, these windowless vitrines seem to display the story of their own making as much as the prints and objects that are presented in their proximity.

Marianne Vierø’s work is directed by a strong desire to understand objects in their material essence. To this
end all aspects of her process are at play. She integrates intuitive gestures with conceptual strategies, adapts industrial processes and borrows elements from a crafts, hobby, or fine arts tradition. The resulting work is derived from an continious  investigation of possible common points and disharmonies between value systems, substance and form. An investigation moreover that is executed in three ‘rooms’: the archive as a mental place to collect ideas, the studio as a laboratory for material studies and the establishment of intuitive connections and eventually the exhibition space where all these aspects are continued in temporary, “site-conscious” combinations of photography, objects and installations.

Marianne Vierø is represented by Ellen de Bruijne Projects