Postcards from the edge #4 – Evita Vasiljeva

25 February 2021


Working on the exhibition ‘Town at Edge of Garden at Edge of Town’ brought me close to a nervous breakdown more than once.
1) Dan and I experienced a near-death situation when my stepbrother drove us back to Riga after visiting the exhibition site in Kaunas. He was still drunk and high from a party a night before. He drove around 180km/h on roads where it was allowed to drive 100km/h (the roads in Baltic states are in a terrible condition!). He made several risky manoeuvres that drove me and Dan close to having a heart attack. To stop my stepbrother from dangerous driving, I threatened to puke in his precious BMW. It helped;
2) Consumption of alcohol in Lithuania is beyond my kidney capacity! After the show I quit drinking for several months;
3) During the exhibition build up, the Lithuanians gave me a crane as requested. The crane operator was not included, nor was the use of the crane insured. Luckily my assistant was brave or stupid enough to take his chances and lift several hundreds of kilos of materials up through the window of the gallery space. I literally had to close my eyes because I couldn’t watch.
Thank you for the amazing opportunity to expand my borders of nerve capacity and create a sculpture I will never forget. Everything turned out absolutely fantastic!
Sincerely yours,

1. Self-portrait, September 16th, 2019, Kaunas, Lithuania
2. Unauthorized use of a crane, August 29th, 2019, Kaunas, Lithuania
3. Driver, July 9th, 2019, Kaunas, Lithuania

If told correctly it will center on me, 2020 is a new limited edition artwork by Evita Vasiljeva commissioned for the P/////AKT Collection. The work is a passport (or a recipe) for the site-specific work that Evita realized for Town at Edge of Garden at Edge of Town a duo exhibition with Dan Walwin at POST Gallery (Kaunas, Lithuania) in 2019. The edition will soon be presented in our P/////AKTSALON alongside a new work by Dan Walwin and the publication Town at Edge of Garden at Edge of Town – a result-in-print of the artists’ duo show. More info here.

Postcards from the edge is a new series of online artist contributions around current and upcoming projects at P/////AKT. By the means of these small ‘notes’ we want to share some insights on the artistic thinking process leading up to exhibitions and presentations at the space. The contributions will be shared regularly through our website and social media channels.