Stephan Blumenschein – Upon arrival and during our stay; leaving, leaving and leaving again

The Space Conductors Are Among Us, Part III
Opening 5-6 September, 16-21 hrs
On view until 11 October 2020

On Saturday 5, Sunday 6 and Sunday 13 September (between 16:00 and 20:00) a boat tour with performance was offered as part of the exhibition.


Art Viewer
Stephan Blumenschein at P/////AKT
24 September 2020

Daily Lazy
Stephan Blumenschein at P/////AKT / Amsterdam
23 September 2020

Metropolis M
en, en, en, of, of, of – (bijna) tien tentoonstellingen om naar uit te kijken
04 September 2020


In his first solo show in the Netherlands, Stephan Blumenschein (NL/AT) continues his study of the exhibition space at the site of its opening. Set up as three situations in and around P////AKT, the artist observes how visitors move, structured by moments of suspense and rest: gathering at a sliding door at the entry before it opens; listening to a record inside with a few others; being read to on a boat as it drifts along the canal in the rear. Blumenschein asks visitors to read through movement just as one listens to a song with a tune and a rhythm. The space in this exhibition is one of waiting, maybe even of giving. It wants to be a space to appear, in which a politics could happen. Yet it is also fabricated. If waiting is a tool, it can open doors, adjust the volume depending on one’s desire for intimacy.

The artist received this voice message in response: listen here.

Stephan Blumenschein (1983) is an Amsterdam-based visual artist. He questions thinking with and making exhibitions through the spatial and temporal organisation of the opening. Recent work with architectural intervention, text and music includes Moving across and through, evening gaze (exhibition with Janine Schranz and Maike Hemmers, New Jörg, Vienna, 2020), In Repetition and Hesitation (text published in contemporary matters, Vienna, 2020) and Protocols 1, 2 and 3 for exhibition documentation (published in Kunstlicht, on view at Plat, Amsterdam and stolen while on view at P////AKT, 2020) and his series We are listening to a record (2019 – ongoing) in which records selected by guests are played in full for a small group. He is a graduate of the Dutch Art Institute.

—Exhibition dramaturg, writer and editor
Janine Armin
—Graphic design
Bram van den Berg
Frederique Pisuisse, Marek van de Watering
Susanna Gartmayer, David Schweighart, Christoph Hehn
—Recording and sound
Manuel Mitterhuber
Baha Görkem Yalim, Jacob Dwyer, Charlott Markus
Clara Amaral, Nicola Arthen, Franz and Annemarie Blumenschein, Bastien Gachet, Leonie Kuipers, Simon Lindell, Stefan Rois, Finbar van Wijk, Maia Sorensen and Mirko Lazovic, Nienke Vijlbrief and Rob van de Werdt, Flora Woudstra

The exhibition is made possible thanks to the support of Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Mondriaan Fonds, Ammodo.



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