The Space Conductors Are Among Us 2020

As a platform for contemporary art, P/////AKT aims to allow its artists to create their own mental space inside its walls – an always changing environment for the visitors to immerse themselves in. In 2020 the Space Conductors will kick off the three-year program Hey! Where is My Mind? and shed their light on what P/////AKT might mean as a space in itself; a crisis center for artists, an exhibition space reflecting its own nature, a construction among other constructions and a place that is subject to gentrification and geopolitical forces.

The participating artists are Stian Ådlandsvik (Oslo, NO), Augustas Serapinas (Vilnius, LT), Stephan Blumenschein (Amsterdam, NL), Ieva Kraule-Kuna and Elina Vitola (Riga, LV, in collaboration with Kim? Contemporary Art Center) and Anu Vahtra (Tallinn, EE).

Artist/writer Brenda Tempelaar (Schoonhoven, NL) will moderate an additional public program consisting of texts and events throughout the year, departing from her ongoing research into the social and physical space of art within contemporary life.

Stian Ådlandsvik – The Space Conductors Are Among Us, Part I
Opening 25 January
26 January – 1 March 2020

Augustas Serapinas – The Space Conductors Are Among Us, Part II
13 June – 19 July 2020

Stephan Blumenschein
5 September – 11 October 2020

Ieva Kraule-Kuna and Elina Vitola
7 November – 13 December 2020

Anu Vahtra
January 2021