Long Life Infusion by Domenico Mangano & Marieke van Rooy

10-11 October 2020, 12-18 hrs
– Free entrance, no reservation needed –


As part of the final weekend of Upon arrival and during our stay; leaving, leaving and leaving again by Stephan Blumenschein, artist duo Domenico Mangano & Marieke van Rooy are presenting the intervention Long Life Infusion. Visitors are welcome to enjoy it at the exhibition space on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 October between 12:00 and 18:00.

The intervention is part of the exhibition program The Space Conductors Are Among Us and it is conceived in collaboration with artist/writer Brenda Tempelaar.

There’s no need to make a reservation for visiting P/////AKT.  However, we will allow a maximum of 15 people inside the space at the same time. Please make sure to always keep a minimum distance of 1,5 meters from other visitors and staff. More information on our covid-19 protocol can be found here below.



For the time being we will follow the protocol for cultural spaces and kindly request you to do the same. Please consider the following before and during your visit;

  • Refrain from visiting when you are experiencing (minor) health issues such as a head cold, a runny nose, a cough, a sore throat, a raised temperature or fever and/or shortness of breath;
  • 15 visitors are allowed inside the space at the same time. By visitors in this case we mean individuals, couples, roommates and small families of two or three people;
  • You are required to always keep a minimum distance of 1,5 meters from other visitors and staff;
  • Wearing a face mask is recommended;
  • For visiting the toilet and/or S/////ALON we require you to thoroughly clean your hands upon entering and leaving with the provided soap/disinfectant. We will make sure that all door handles and such will be properly cleaned after each visit;
  • Hand-outs, sadly, cannot be left behind for reuse. Please take them with you or dispose of them in the designated bin

In general we think it will not be necessary to make a reservation, so do feel free to drop by during the announced opening hours. However, we would appreciate it if you’d announce your visit through Facebook (pm) or email (info@pakt.nu). Upon entering we will ask you to provide us with a phone number and/or email adres in case we need to communicate any contaminations connected to our space.