Space is a Word 2010-2011

Space is a Word is the first edition within the current presentation format on art as a Mental Space. Art (or P/////AKT) as a mental space consists of a serial solo presentations, each triology connected to a specific focus-point is connected to the previous or coming series. Moreover, each series is involving a moderator as a fourth participant. The role of this moderator is to follow the process and to generate conclusions, output and / or new ideas.

Space is a Word featured Gino Saccone, Jean Bernard Koeman and Frederik van Simaey. Each artist presented his view on the connection between art, architecture and language in a wider sense. The artist Hedwig Houben moderated this series.


Gino Saccone
New Work
05.09 – 04.10.2010

Jean Bernard Koeman
DISPLAYS (a Temporary but Willing Suspension of Disbelief )
24.10 – 21.11.2010

Frederik van Simaey
Hiding in Plain Sight
11.12 2010 – 16.01.2011

Moderator: Hedwig Houben

Hedwig Houben, Space is a Word, P/////AKT, 2011. More information about the publication here.
Space is a Word, P/////AKT, 2011. More information about the publication here.