Suchan Kinoshita – Architektonische Psychodramen

Am I an Object, part V

Opening: Saturday 19 February, 17-20 hrs
20 February – 27 March 2022
Thu – Sun, 14 – 18 hrs


A play in the wire mazeworkshop with Johanna Ekenhorst, in conversation with Simoni Stergioula
27 March 2022

Simoni Stergioula was invited by P/////AKT to write a text in response to Suchan Kinoshita’s exhibition. Read it here.

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Metropolis M
Interview met Suchan Kinoshita by Pia Louwerens
21 February 2022

Het Parool
Trip langs gebouwen die bijna dertig jaar geleden hun functie verloren/De beste culturele tips voor deze week
25 February 2022

3 March 2022

Art Viewer
Suchan Kinoshita at P/////AKT
13 March 2022

Art Mirror
Suchan Kinoshita at P/////AKT
18 March 2022

Architektonische Psychodramen

There is not one but many, a kind of memory scenario that has made itself up out of a spatial perception as there was no other understanding available. Performing a speech while drawing into space, while singing the lines of a forgotten song. The song had to be forgotten in order to refresh its tunes. The contradictions of readdressing while inventing a fictive memory. A play forgetting its scenario, although everybody is playing in it. Memory becomes a leftover which is asking to be performed. Composition becomes the issue.

Suchan Kinoshita’s show at P/////AKT marks the fifth and last part of the exhibition program Am I an Object. It will be responded to in writing and an event by students from the Sandberg Institute Critical Studies Department.