A play in the wire maze – workshop with Johanna Ekenhorst, in conversation with Simone Stergioula


Workshop: 11-13 hrs (please rsvp via the link below)
Results and exhibition open for public from 14 hrs
Drinks from 17-19 hrs

Please do an antigen test before coming and wear comfortable attire.

The workshop is open for max. 12 participants. Please register at info@pakt.nu

A play in the wire maze

How can we use physicality to set a common space? A play in the wire maze is a performative workshop session in the scenography of Suchan Kinoshita’s exhibition. Activating our bodies and voices, we will explore “Architektonische Psychodramen” as an arena, a ‘buzz wire maze’ and an actor in its own right. Negotiating dispute, dissonance and force, we will push, respond and pass around agency. Exercises may include pressing against each other, guided voice and movement improvisation, wire mazing, somatic writing, dissonant lullabying, and mimicry from memory. Let the drama unfold!

The workshop will end with lunch. All materials, food and drinks will be provided.

Traces and scripts of the workshop may be left in the exhibition for the visitors of the finissage.