Postcards from the edge #12 – Janina Frye

8 July 2021

Janina Frye, fuse, shape, melt, decompose, fade, 2021.

Water floats over finger tips towards the palm and down the back of the hand,
slowly the water grows warm to touch,
and as the soap begins to fuse with the water
it becomes soft and malleable.
Foam accrues
and the soap scent defuses.
The piece is shaped by the hands,
changing the bacterial landscape of the skin.
After this process the skin is clean,
while the scent of the soap lingers on the body.

This ‘postcard’ by Janina Frye gives an insight into the process leading to her new limited edition artwork titled fuse, shape, melt, decompose, fade that will be on view in our P/////AKTSALON from Saturday 10 July 2021. The edition has been commissioned for the P/////AKT Collection in an edition of 15 plus 5 AP. 

Postcards from the edge is a series of online artist contributions around current and upcoming projects at P/////AKT. By the means of these small ‘notes’ we want to share some insights on the artistic thinking process leading up to exhibitions and presentations at the space. The contributions will be shared regularly through our website and social media channels.