Postcards from the edge #1 – Anu Vahtra

6 February 2021

Anu Vahtra, Some notes from walks around town: Panamalaan 11, Amsterdam, 7.01.2021

Anu Vahtra is currently working on Goodbye air pollution, the future is here – her solo show at the space which marks the fifth and last part of our year program The Space Conductors Are Among Us. The artist, whose works investigate found spatial situations, has been collecting discarded materials from various demolition and construction sites located in the area near P/////AKT. These materials are assembled into a large-scale installation along with a number of photo and video works.
More information about the show here.

Postcards from the edge is a new series of online artist contributions around current and upcoming projects at P/////AKT. By the means of these small ‘notes’ we want to share some insights on the artistic thinking process leading up to exhibitions and presentations at the space. The contributions will be shared regularly through our website and social media channels.