Spilling – Finissage of Stian Adlandsvik’s solo exhibition with an intervention by Tomas Dirrix 

Sunday 1 March at 17:00
17:00 doors and bar open – a special drink will be served
19:00 end
– Free entrance –

As part of the finissage of Furnace Voyage in Petrol Gardens, architect Tomas Dirrix – who works from a cultural and material notion of building – intervenes in the physicality of the space. Almost invisible allowances are made for what normally remains outside and under surfaces to creep through the building and in the exhibition of Stian Adlandsvik. 

Typically buildings define relationships between interior and exterior, between space for the human and space for the non-human. It also defines which elements will be allowed to enter, and which should be excluded. 

Through minuscule adjustments this temporary intervention breaches this controlled and constructed condition. It explores the physicality of the hole, the leaking of a building, and the flowing of uninvited substances. What remains is an architecture, defect in its materialisation of an attitude and power of humanity in relation to the non-human, in relation to what stays out. 

The event is part of the exhibition program The Space Conductors Are Among Us and it is conceived in collaboration with artist/writer Brenda Tempelaar.