Reading by Will Holder, Falke Pisano and Riet Wijnen for Conversation Four: First Person Moving

Thursday 8 December 2016
– Doors open at 19.30 hrs
– Reading starts at 20 hrs

On Thursday 8 December at 8pm Will Holder, Falke Pisano and Riet Wijnen will read the script of Conversation Four: First Person Moving as part of the Wijnen’s eponymous exhibition at P/////AKTThe fictive conversation brings together the philosopher Thomas Metzinger, feminist writer, teacher, and militant Silvia Federici and the association Abstraction-Création; all of whose practices deal directly or indirectly with the notion of “movement”.

Conversation Four: First Person Moving is the third part in Riet Wijnen’s cycle of work, entitled Sixteen Conversations on Abstraction. The organizing principle of this cycle consists of sixteen fictional conversations, sixteen accompanying works and a sculpture. The conversations and works form a conceptual space, in which the term “abstraction” is examined, formulated, constructed and deconstructed. In each fictive conversation and the accompanying work a particular subject related to the notion of abstraction is examined. The sculpture, which also functions as a diagram, maps the connections between these different conversations.

This reading is also part of Sorry! NO We Don’t Do REQUESTS an exhibition of twenty years of Will Holder’s work at Kunstverein