Thomas Swinkels – I Can’t Live In A Living Room – part 2/3

Opening: Saturday 8 October, 20-24 hrs

9 October – 6 November 2016
Thu-Sun, 14-18 hrs


“HONEY: (Apologetically, holding up her brandy bottle) I peel labels.
GEORGE: We all peel labels, sweetie; and when you get through the skin, all three layers, though the muscle, slosh aside the organs (An aside to NICK) them which is still sloshable–(Back to HONEY) and get down to bone…you know what you do then?
HONEY: (Terribly interested) No!
GEORGE: When you get down to bone, you haven’t got all the way, yet. There’s something inside the bone…the marrow…and that’s what you gotta get at. (A strange smile at MARTHA)”

I Can’t Live In A Living Room, part 2/3 is Thomas Swinkels’ second exhibition within the context of the P/////AKTPOOL. His first presentation brought together several new pieces; among other things, the inner self of a trashcan, a lost architectural artefact and the centre of the centre of a drilling hole. Moreover, some subtle interventions connected the space inside with the city landscape outside. The second edition will relate to the first in some ways, but also take things further by peeling off more layers and altering the state of things. 

The P/////AKTPOOL is a new program that started in January 2016. It allows young and talented artists, who have recently graduated from one of the Dutch academies, an opportunity to develop and showcase their practice in the course of six months, supported by the P/////AKT-team. Each year two top talents are invited to organise three consecutive presentations in the tower-annex, next to the exhibition space. These presentations run simultaneously to the main program. Thomas Swinkels is a 2015 graduate of St. Joost Breda.  

Press release in Dutch available here.