DRAWN ONWARD is an exchange project between P/////AKT in Amsterdam (NL) and Progetto Diogene in Turin (IT). Both organisations operate on a non-for-profit basis and are dedicated to supporting and facilitating emerging artistic talents. The aim of this collaboration is to share audiences, networks and experiences and to promote the work of young artists on an international platform. Francesca Ferreri (IT, lives and works in Turin) and Bram De Jonghe (BE, lives and works in The Hague) are the artists that were invited for this pilot-edition: each of them will spend a one-month residency period followed by a solo exhibition. DRAWN ONWARD offers the artists the possibility to produce new work on location – conceived specifically for the given space and context – and to present it to an international audience.

Francesca Ferreri at P/////AKT, Amsterdam (NL)
Residency: 23 May – 18 June 2016
Exhibition: Fuzzy Traces
Opening: 18 June, 20-24 hrs
Finissage & summer break drinks: Sunday 17 July, 17-19 hrs

19 June – 17 July 2016

Bram De Jonghe in Turin (IT)
Residency at Progetto Diogene: 25 May – 22 June 2016
Artist’s talk at Diogene tram: 1 June, 18.30 hrs
Exhibition: Counting Away at Associazione Barriera
Opening: 22 June, 18.30 hrs
23 June – 17 July 2016

About the artists

Francesca Ferreri

The artistic research of Francesca Ferreri is based on the inbetweening as a state of being, as a state of the shape and condition of the subject. The term inbetweening, borrowed from animation film, compresses the idea of a “step” in its development, retaining a reference to the continuous happening of an action, which takes on the dignity of a “form in itself”. By redefining the relationship between the phase and the process, between the part and the whole, between subject and support, the artist carries out a research which exports the concept of inbetweening through various media (sculpture, video and installation) and with a constant sensitivity to the ways that the language of drawing can take on.

Francesca Ferreri was born in Savigliano (IT) in 1981. She lives and works in Turin (IT).

Bram De Jonghe

Bram De Jonghe has come to believe that imagination should not have a fixed point; it can gravitate around certain areas of strong interests, around certain compelling territories. In this way each project is conceived from the inside out. It is the content that creates the form and not the other way around. De Jonghe believes in man as creator, solver and finder. The gestures he likes to make as an artist are not merely aesthetic or originating from a critical attitude towards art history. He favours the visual residue of do-it-yourself spirituality. He embraces complex ideas that lend themselves to clumsy visualizations, which humanize their coded beauty. De Jonghe is a practical dreamer who wants to stimulate the intuitive wisdom of each and every individual.

Bram De Jonghe was born in Oostende (BE) in 1985. He lives and works in The Hague (NL).

About Progetto Diogene

Progetto Diogene is an association which was established in Turin in 2007, thanks to the interaction and collaboration of artists who chose to work together to build a place for reflection, listening and exchange around the topics and methods of contemporary art practice. Guided by the need and the desire to dig in their own work and to share certain issues in discussion with other artists and with the public, they started to think of a process of mutual exchange, in order to show mechanisms of the artistic practice and to define the role of the artist nowadays. The main projects they deal with are Bivaccourbano, a residence for international artists; DiogeneLab, an educational workshop with the schools of the district; Serie inversa, studio visits and exhibitions of artists working in Piedmont; Collecting people, a series of conferences and debates, and Solid Void a training school for artists. Through each of these projects, Diogene’s goals are directed in specific directions and records innovations in the execution methodology. Since 2009 Progetto Diogene has a particular headquarters: a 50’s tram, finely restored, located in a large green roundabout between Corso Regio Parco and Corso Verona, in the Aurora district of Turin.



The project is supported by Mondriaan Fonds