Special Case #3 – Vibeke Mascini


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Special Case #3, 2024


The Special Cases are a new series of dossiers containing texts, documentation and materials functioning as an extension of each solo project. It’s a portable exhibition, thinking space, archive in one, produced as a collectible box. The third limited edition of 30 copies was produced as an extension of Vibeke Mascini’s recent solo exhibition JOLT, A long distance lullaby and contains the following items:

Exhibition documentation, hand-out and poster ~ a unique and wearable false nail containing a composition of pieces of electronics ~ a printed scan from Schubert’s musical composition Wiegenlied, in the property of Mascini’s family for 4 generations  ~ a portrait of the electric eel called Miguel ~ an overview of the complete text that was included in the exhibition as Mascini’s response to Miguel’s electric discharge. ~ an electric plug attached to a chain of dried daisies ~ a usb drive with a mp3 file of the sound composed for the exhibition ~ Distant heartbeats, quickening pulses, a commissioned text by Mihnea Mircan.
Download the pdf here.

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