Reinier Vrancken – One extra white horse and a more black equiv japingly dovetail into zebra.

Published by Reinier Vrancken in 2019
unpaginated (colour & b/w ill.), 15.5 × 22 cm, English


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One extra white horse and a more black equiv japingly dovetail into zebra is one of an edition of 25 individually titled artist books. This work is a proposal for an alphabet without the letter F. A photograph depicting Lawrence Weiner leaning casually against the wall next to his work was uploaded to a website to point out in which letter the work was typeset. The website ascribes Weiner to be the alphabet’s sixth letter (that letter that starts the word we use when we describe moving through the air with wings). Each title is a pangrammatic phrase meaning that it contains every letter of the alphabet at least once. These phrases were written by the artist with the alphabet this artist book proposes.

Available titles:

1. Vexed bedstraw quit, just ceazed, simply walks echoing.
2. Maqui eaux, go and (in a haze) slip wavey Budrick’s turned jaw.
3. Blue jay struts qi, pecks imago in waxed avize, ha!
4. In Bohemia, wry italics zing past very xeroxed inkjet quarters.
5. Why joke and question big peculiar wuxia movie quiz?
6. No prize, just lost my exuviae to cubed hawks in a quag.
7. Quetzal ‘twixt bygone entourage hijacks vamoosed spirit.
8. Was it the punk-jazz dromedary or the equally extravagant bactrian sporting a single hump?
9. Unimaginably quick jade xyster, he vows to zigzag wickyups.
10. In a sphynx bivouac you heard a weak jug zip without a qualm.
11. Ojime zebra, exotic thing, piqué (not argyle) woven, so no stripes, kid.
12. ”Sizy bathtub vessel makes a quiet taxi, junior pa,” we coughed.
13. Quasi law is very epoxy, chimpanzee doesn’t budge: lockjawed.
14. He leaves the polyzoic room, jagged by equinox, with a babka.
15. Six wrong themes rive a cazique myth, paiked bijou-like.
16. Exceptive azuki allowed through, or bent around my quiet juices.
17. Muting xylophone quote to zap jars and uvea back, how?
18. Quaky ibex jogs velvety cowhage in azure opposite daytime.
19. Juvie banqueter said in a tizzy: ”Get the alexipharmakon, sowce me!”
20. Skywritten query above (silhouetted) or perhaps crux or gauje below (melanized).
21. Zero vapid xemes—those skyjacking Sabine’s gulls—quench sweltering thirst.
22. Axeman Jacob unwizardly trips over knee-high sequoia.
23. In Qazax, Azerbaijan, work-in-progress is very light, bejuco made.
24. Majolicaware qobyz broke string but virus X spared no horse.
25. One extra white horse and a more black equiv japingly dovetail into zebra.