Lisa Sudhibhasilp – No thanks, I’m just looking

by Lisa Sudhibhasilp together with Rudy Guedj
Photography by Johannes Schwartz
Graphic design and illustration by Rudy Guedj
Introduction by Brenda Tempelaar
Published by Building Fictions

€ 32,00

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Born out of her fascination for shop displays, Lisa Sudhibhasilp imagined an exhibition in a hardware store. Improvising a series of sculptural interventions in situ, the artist played with existing display structures, proposing the hardware store as a place where the display of materiality can be contemplated like works of art in exhibitions spaces. Photographer Johannes Schwartz documented the artist’s ephemeral installations and the existing fixtures and fittings, creating a portrait of the store. Accompanying the visual journey, a series of texts written by Sudhibhasilp, illustrated by Rudy Guedj, provides insight into her research through anecdotal stories and other miscellaneous facts on materials and exhibition design. ‘Hardware Store Aesthetics’ is an introduction text written by Brenda Tempelaar. Shifting between the form of the artist book and the exhibition catalogue No thanks, I’m just looking stands as the sole remaining document of the event.