Four By Three

P/////AKT and Stichting Kunstlicht, 2014

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Four By Three marks the end of a collaborative project between P/////AKT and Kunstlicht. It collects the results of the exhibitions series Perpetual Precedents that took place at P/////AKT in 2014 – featuring Daniel Vom Keller, Ingmar König, Paul Geelen and Astrid Mingels (artists) – moderated by Kunstlicht and reflected upon by Artun Alaska Arasli, Marianna Maruyama and Bart Verbunt (writers).


Authors: Artun Alaska Arasli, Marianna Maruyama, Bart Verbunt
Editors: Steyn Bergs, Masha van Vliet
Design: Merel Schenk
Printer: Wilco, Amersfoort
Photo credits: Charlott Markus
Language: Dutch and English
Physical Description: 159 p. : ill. colour ; 11×17 cm.