Am I an Object

P/////AKT, 2022

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Even more than the field of tension or the interaction between body and object, the exhibition series Am I an Object (March 2021 – March 2023) was ultimately dealing with distance and proximity, boundaries and touch, movement and displacement.
Participating artists Christine Moldrickx, Nicola Arthen, June Crespo and Suchan Kinoshita each realised a solo project on location, and David Dale Gallery (Glasgow) curated a group exhibition about intimacy, conceived for the program. The Sandberg Institute’s Critical Studies Department was invited to moderate the contextual public program, consisting of individual text contributions, interventions and workshops and an encompassing Correspondence on the series as a whole. Contributions by Johanna Ekenhorst, Alec Mateo, Abhaya Mistry, Violeta Paez Armando, Benjamin Schoonenberg and Simoni Stergioula have all found their way into this book.

Am I an Object constituted the second part of a trilogy of exhibition series that began in 2020 with The Space Conductors Are Among Us, and which is travelling from the (art)space and its context to the body and eventually the mind; in the Spring of 2023 the series will come to a conclusion with Turning to Dust and Bones. P/////AKT is looking forward to continue the trilogy and would like to thank everybody who contributed to the program and this resulting publication.

Graphic design: Dongyoung Lee
Exhibition photography: Charlott Markus
Print: Wilco Art Books, in an edition of 250

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