Stephan Blumenschein – limited-edition


A stain inside a paper, a whisper, 2022

Inspired by Felicity Callard’s “The Intimate Geographies of Panic Disorder”, which analyzes events that took place at Hillside Hospital/New York during 1959-62 and would become the origin story of panic disorder as a new medical category.
Thinking together (the disregard) of both, the specific architectural conditions and the role of care work in the tale of the birth of panic disorder.

A stain inside a paper, a whisper explores processes of (dis)appearance, withdrawal and traces of (in)visibilities the artist encountered in the archives and during his research period in New York in spring 2022.

The research was made possible with the financial support of Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Stichting Gerbrandy and BMKOES Austria.

A stain inside a paper, a whisper is the latest addition to the P/////AKT-collection of limited edition works by alumni artists.

Edition: 10 + 5 AP € 250,- or through the membership option. More information here.