Katja Mater – limited-edition

Site Specific Tiled 03/08/19 P/////AKT II
multiple moments during the making of a mural 4 contacts on baryte paper, tiled

The edition is available through P/////AKT Membership program. More information here.

This is a site specific work made on the third of August 2019 during the installation of the exhibition Dear Sides at P/////AKT. The four images were built up on film with multiple moments during the making of a mural on the back wall of the exhibition space. The four resulting negatives were contacted on baryte paper (two in the normal position, two horizontally flipped), and tiled together into one work. (The same images appear in the 16 mm film entitled “”, also shown in Dear Sides). Each work was hand printed, cut and assembled and it is therefore slightly different. The edition is signed, numbered and comes in an archival box.

The edition has been commissioned for the P/////AKT collection in an edition of 15 and 5 AP.