: Zoë Tim Hollander – Still Lifes


Opening: Sunday 17 March, 16 – 19 hrs
On view: 21 March – 21 April
Thursday – Sunday, 14 – 18 hrs

P/////AKT is proud to present a selection from the Still Lifes series (2023) in which alum Zoë Tim Hollander deals with the commodification of classical (still life) paintings and other artworks, travelling through museum gift shops, into household objects. Pencil renderings of famous paintings have been screen printed onto tea towels. Graphic versions of transformed measuring tools and colour correction bars that are used in documenting artefacts are hand stitched and ironed onto the fabric, rendering the towels useless for drying and moving them to the realm between artwork and product.
Zoë Tim Hollander is an artist, curator, dj and writer currently living and working in The Hague. They graduated from the HKU in 2014 and attended the Jan van Eyck Academy in 2016/2017. In their work Hollander explores the relationship between objects, meaning, presentation and space within contemporary art. Their texts dissolve the boundaries between spaces, bodies and identity. In 2016 P/////AKT presented their solo production Conceptual Soup.

Image: Zoë Tim Hollander – Shelf Life (Willem van Aelst)(Upward and Onward)