I wink, I blink, I close my eyes


Opening: Sunday 14 July, 16 – 19 hrs
Until 18 August, Thu – Sun, 14 – 18 hrs

I wink, I blink, I close my eyes
Text by Becket Flannery

Drawing its title from Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse, I wink, I blink, I close my eyes (“…means at one and the same time: I wink, I blink I close my eyes.”) brings together the works of Willem Oorebeek, Tirza Kater, Tim Mathijsen, and Arnoud Holleman, accompanied by a text written by Becket Flannery.

The group exhibition, arranged by Tirza Kater and Tim Mathijsen – familiar through a collaboration of arranging art in space and time in the form of Marwan – proposes an intimate layering of interpretations of reproduction in surfaces, relations, relays, images after images, forms after forms, complications, nabeelden (after-images), footnotes, lichen, and dust.

Voorbeeld (before-image): ‘Sturtevant, Duchamp Man Ray Portrait’, 1966 (from Arnoud’s copy of Sturtevant’s 1992 Württembergischer Kunstverein catalogue).

Special thanks to Sonia Kazovsky, Ana Jotta and Joke Aarnink.