Reneenee – Beng Yuenyong – Mount Meru and the Three Realms


Opening Saturday 14 January, 20:00-24:00 hrs
15 January – 19 February 2023
Thu – Sun, 14-18 hrs



Mount Meru and the Three Realms is Beng Yuenyong’s first solo exhibition and is showing the results of the research he has been conducting since 2019. The title of the work refers to the sacred mountain in Buddhist and Hindu cosmology; it is the place where the three realms earth, atmosphere and sky meet and the different planes of existence  or mortals, spirits, demons and gods intersect. Yuenyong is presenting a sculptural installation, paintings and an animation. Like Mount Meru, this exhibition aims to be a site of intersection – combining three themes that are at the base of his artistic practice: religion, consumerism and science.

Beng Yuenyong (1987) was born in Bangkok, but his family moved to The Netherlands when he was still young. He graduated from the department of ArtScience (BA) at the Royal Academy of art in The Hague in 2017.His artistic practice is driven by his research on changes in the iconography of the sublime throughout Western art history and changes in society caused by technological advancement and capitalism. Next to that he researches Thai religious objects and rituals related to Theravada Buddhism and its adaptation to capitalism and consumerism.

Reneenee is a non-profit, artist-run exhibition space focusing on young artists in their establishing phase. Reneenee is currently operating in a nomadic manner.
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Until the summer of 2023, and expanding the horizon to the future beyond, P/////AKT will be closely collaborating with some of Amsterdam’s youngest and finest. A celebration of The Initiative, of its dedicated organizers and of the many many talented artists that they (re)present and care for. We will talk, think, share experiences and insights and see what makes The Initiative tick. For starters our former P/////AKTPOOL space is put to new use by hosting initiative-initiated projects. Reneenee’s project was preceded by Tilde, Mutter and Boo 2. 

Photographs by Beng Yuenyong and Ariane Toussaint