Performance by Nadh Lingyun Cao and reading by Hannah Chris Lomans 


Bar open: 17.00 hrs
Reading and performance: 17.30 hrs

Performance: Nadh Lingyun Cao – a Vortex, a VormVole

Each id-entity is idiosyncratic, visible or invisible, material or immaterial, audible or inaudible, as well as those queered.
The concurrent urge for evanescence and emergence, id est, the common.
Worlds that otherworldly. 
A peripheral language that to be felt.
Soma, liquefy, solidify, morphous. 
Space contains, opens, the inexplicable.
Be that strange tissue into the vibratory volume.
Omnipresence is neither an optical illusion nor a fiction, 
it is the actuality of the real and the whole.

Nadh Lingyun Cao’s performative practice explores myth, magic, spirituality and healing. Their curiosity for the vastness of the space is the impetus in the making, often feeling the volume of their work is guided by some mysterious forces, unconscious for the cerebral. Their performance is heavily influenced by Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, such as the concept of impermanence, the practice of non-self, non-attachment, wu wei, zi ran and qi etc.
Nadh originally comes from China, currently lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Retrospectively, they received BFA degrees from Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Reading: Hannah Chris Lomans

Hannah Chris Lomans is a writer. They studied Creative Writing at ArtEZ and participated in the Slow Writing Lab, an open master’s degree program organised by the Dutch Foundation for Literature. For Hannah Chris, whose writing departs from both a longing for and belief in transformation, text is a place that allows them to embody a radical, yet precarious fluidity. In 2020 they attended the Paris writers residency of deBuren, a Flamish-Dutch House for culture and debate, and published the chapbook Blijf de kou wegstrijken at Wintertuin Uitgeverij. Their texts appeared i.e. in magazine for literature De Gids and NRC Handelsblad and on platforms such as Brainwash Festival, Wintertuinfestival, Nieuwe Types, Perdu and Frontaal. Currently they are working on their debut book which will be published by De Bezige Bij.