Guilty Knees – Alec Mateo


Note that the planned performance Out the Timid Toe by Alec Mateo featuring Brechje Krah on 19 December unfortunately had to be cancelled because of the COVID19 measures. Here is the alternative that was created for an online context.

Guilty Knees, Alec Mateo, read here.

When thinking through the potentials for emancipatory intimacies, and looking through the works I was to be in dialogue with, I found myself caught in the space between what is and what could be and the messiness, the humane and perhaps beautiful messiness, of what a movement through those would look like. I thought of guilt and how it’s mobilized, how it sits in the body, and its relationship to this movement.

Alec Mateo is a Dominican Writer and performer from New York, working with poetry, sound, and movement to explore fugitive subjectivities and modes of togetherness. This video and text were produced as a response to the exhibition I didn’t think it would turn out this way by David Dale Gallery, marking the fourth part of the exhibition program Am I an Object. The program – that will run until March 2022 – is further featuring a solo presentation by Suchan Kinoshita. It will be responded to in writings and events by students from the Sandberg Institute Critical Studies Department.