Slapstick, a chamber orchestra (Claque)

25 September 2016
17-19 hrs

“Slapstick, a chamber orchestra (Claque)” moves into its finale
in the form of a concert

This arrangement is an organised body or a regulated structure providing sixteen slapsticks for an amplified round of applause. The performance is a mobile approach to a set of fixed rules, directions and given instruments. The primary directions and rules for conducting are essential to the identity of the work. However, momentary decisions and flexibility in the performance allow the work to constantly transform itself and re-express its potential.
– From Stefaan Dheedene, “List”, 2019, p. 218.

Join us this Sunday 25 September, 17-19 hrs:
– doors open at 17 hrs
– the concert starts at 17.30 hrs

Free admission

// During the evening a cold Sake drink will be available at our bar //

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