Finissage of ‘Closed eyes’ with the performance ‘The ghost in the machine’ by Marijn Ottenhof

Sunday 21 July, 19:00

Doors + bar open 19:00
Start performance 19:30
Drinks & finger food 20:00
End 21:30

– Free entrance –

For the closing event of our current exhibition, artist Marijn Ottenhof will reflect on Mickey Yang’s work by means of a new performance, using her own voice combined with spoken word and music samples. In her practice, Ottenhof means to provide some sort of antidote to the chaotic overload of information that we are confronted with almost nonstop. By using electronic music, loops and beats she proposes an alternative, perhaps even meditative rhythm to channel this continuous stream;

True joy does not need to be promoted; it is striking. Let’s take an example: raves. They are baroque parties in the political sense of the word. In the societies of the 17th century, dance had a political and choreographic dimension that com­municated something of the king’s body to those around him. Raves today remind me of something similar. They are like a political manifesto on the uneasiness of being together. Their significance comes from expressing the uneasiness of being together of mass individualism.
– Paul Virilio
The Administration of Fear

To take further care of our inner beings, Mickey Yang will prepare some food. We hope to see you there.