Pia Hinz – What is there, Where there is Nothing?

Opening 16 Nov, 20-24 hrs
17 November – 22 December 2019
Thursday-Sunday, 14:00-18:00

Pia Hinz (1991, FR/DE) researches the quality of discarded materials and points out the strong energy they content. By making entropies of human-made gestures her central concern, she points out the critique of progress. Through an instinctive and physical approach, Hinz accumulates, assembles, compresses, squeezes and forces materials into a distinct sphere, where texture takes over form and questions the deterioration of an initial order. Materials aspire to leave the ground in order to enter in the hierarchy of space. Once there, how are they trying to shape resistance? Tensions exist between form and function. From acquisition, repetition, and obsolescence to decay: human behaviour. Her work questions our dealings with ordinary materials. She plays around with the values we contribute to materials – whether new, prefabricated, worn, abandoned or discarded. Constructions of disgraced surfaces.