In a way we consider the oomph the highest achievement in art. It’s the sensation, perhaps in the underbelly at first, when you encounter something that touches and convinces you in a very direct yet inexplicable manner, something that happens between the viewer and the work and which is undeniably there: a connection or intuitive/unmediated relation and entrance to the work, even if (or especially if) you cannot quite put your finger on it. 

Oomph features solo exhibitions by Ricardo van Eyk, Pedro Barateiro, Mickey Yang, Katja Mater and Leyla Aydoslu.

Ricardo van Eyk 
Oomph part I
20 Jan – 3 Mar 2019
Opening 19 Jan, 20-24 hrs

Pedro Barateiro
Oomph part II
31 Mar – 12 May 2019
Opening 30 Mar, 20-24 hrs

Mickey Yang
Oomph part III
9 Jun – 21 Jul 2019
Opening 8 Jun, 20-24 hrs

Katja Mater
Oomph part IV
8 Sep – 20 Oct 2019
Opening 7 Sep, 20-24 hrs

Leyla Aydoslu
Oomph part V
17 Nov – 22 Dec 2019
Opening 16 Nov, 20-24 hrs

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