Sarah Pichlkostner – If the moon was a cookie

Extended Matter VI

Opening: 17 November, 20-24 hrs
18 November – 16 December 2018
Thu-Sun, 14-18 hrs

Maybe that way or Ersatzhandlung
An encounter with William Pym and Sarah Pichlkostner
25 November, 17-19 hrs

Dominic van den Boogerd was invited by P/////AKT to write a text in response to Sarah Pichlkostner’s exhibition. Read it here.

‘If the moon was a cookie’ by Sarah Pichlkostner at P/////AKT, Amsterdam
15 December 2018
Art Viewer
Sarah Pichlkostner at P/////AKT
13 December 2018
Metropolis M
Een verlangen dat noodgedwongen op een andere manier tot uiting moet komen – over de tamelijk briljante Sarah Pichlkostner
Jorne Vriens
5 December 2018
Art Mirror
Sarah Pichlkostner at P/////AKT Amsterdam
3 December 2018


Sarah Pichlkostner creates sculptural objects and spatial settings through which she investigates the representation of invisible processes such as the transmitting of energy, the passing of time and our psychological behaviour towards materials and objects. Or as she states: ‘When material is brought to an object, i.e. is made into one, and the function of this object is continuously developing over time, then the object is ultimately reflecting us.’

If the moon was a cookie is part of an ongoing fictive story through consecutive exhibitions, every show being one chapter. The story deals with the conflict between the wish to be productive and finding emotional value simultaneaously. At P/////AKT Pichlkostner will be focusing on the idea of Ersatzhandlung (substitute acts) as a form of emotional behaviour or dialogue, attempting to bridge the gap between bodily functions and objects as well as examine the speed of time during the construction of memories.