Extending Matters – a talk by Rick Dolphijn

Friday 18 May, 17:30-19:00
17:30 doors/bar open 
18:00-18:30 talk

Free admission, the talk will be held in English

If there is one way in which human societies differ from non-human societies it is that human societies surround themselves with objects. They necessarily do so, because in order to come into existence as a society, humans need these objects. Think for instance of religious objects, of objects of warfare and of money. Objects give form to our reality, and it through philosophy and art that this reality is being questioned. In this talk, philosopher Rick Dolphijn proposes to create the virtual counterpart to Janina Frye’s exhibition Kiss off life (Extended Matter part III). 

Rick Dolphijn has a background in philosophy and art theory and is interested in the theoretical humanities at large, media and performance theory in particular. He teaches at The Utrecht University, The Hong Kong University and the Sandberg Institute. More info here.

This event is part of P/////AKT’s 2018 exhibition program Extended Matter.