A one hour long reflection by Dick Tuinder on the work of Francesco Pedraglio

Thursday 25 May, 20-22 hrs
20 hrs doors and bar open

20.30-21.30 hrs intervention
Free admission


P/////AKT is proud to present INSTANT NOSTALGIA by Dick Tuinder; a one hour long reflection on the work of Francesco Pedraglio. Tuinder will respond to the exhibition ‘Scripting Anticlockwise’ by means of clips, drawings, pictures and words.

“Francesco’s work reminded me of the way film is not only framing the visual reality, but also divides time itself in comprehensible portions, organizing it through montage. In his spatial installations and one-hour exhibitions he applies that principle as well. It is an intuitive path, which probably will never reach a final destination. It frames time through thoughts and images that will eventually have to conquer their own space within everybody’s memory or, more likely, be forgotten.
It is a similar, intuitive path that I will be walking this evening. By means of sketch books, text fragments and – in some cases never shown before – scenes from the films Winterland (2009), Most Things Never Happen (2005) and Afscheid van de Maan (Farewell to the Moon, 2014).”

Dick Tuinder is a filmmaker, writer, illustrator and visual artist.
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This event is part of P/////AKT’s 2017 exhibition program Thinging.
More information on the program here.

Exhibition on view:
Francesco Pedraglio
Scripting Anticlockwise
until 4 June 2017, Thu-Sun, 14-18 hrs