Stefan Cammeraat / Thomas Swinkels – Every Time Two Fools Collide

Opening: Saturday 18 June, 20 – 24 hrs
19 June – 17 July 2016
Thu-Sun, 14-18 hrs

In 2016 P/////AKT started a new programme: The P/////AKTPOOL. It allows young and talented artists, who have recently graduated from one of the Dutch academies, an opportunity to develop and showcase their practice in the course of six months, supported by the P/////AKT-team.
Each year two top talents are invited to organise three consecutive presentations in the tower-annex, next to the exhibition space. These presentations run simultaneously to the main program. After Stefan Cammeraat’s successful first round, it is now time for the second talent that P/////AKT scouted for the POOL last year. Thomas Swinkels, a graduate of St. Joost in Breda, will take over from Stefan Cammeraat after the summer-break. Before Thomas Swinkels starts his series of presentations, the P/////AKTPOOL first organises a duo-presentation with the title Every Time Two Fools Collide, a collaboration between both the P/////AKTPOOL 2016 artists. For this presentation they made up a number of rules: they will both bring three works their own choice and will come up with an intervention as well as an additional contribution in the form of a light or sound piece. Together they have to make it work. Fortunately they already found inspiration for this collaboration in the song by Kenny Rogers

You want things your way
And I want them mine
And now we don’t know
Just where you draw the line
How can love survive
If we keep cheers and sights?
And who picks up the pieces
Every time two fools collide

*written by Jan Dyer and Jeff Tweel and performed by artists Kenny Rogers and Dottie West