Zoë Tim Hollander – Institutional Soup – Art Rotterdam Intersections

11-14 February 2016

Berlin Art Link
Exhibition // Art Rotterdam’s Return to Modernism
Anna Russ
12 February 2016

1. There’s a rectangular space, with a rectangular side-pocket in the back. There’s walls, or maybe only just objects that act like walls.

2. Signs with information. Signs without information. Nothing on display. Is the work here yet?

3. Various materials. A downward spiral. 200. 080. 081. Objects on wheels. Objects that have been wrapped. A projection of even more objects. The work seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

The work of Zoë Tim Hollander revolves around the idea of exhibitions and other art presentations as ecosystems that have been evolving for decades. Ecosystems in which contemporary artworks ‘live’ in harmony with other objects and phenomena like plinths, walls, exhibition texts, visitors and curators. Hollander investigates the concept of such a system in which the artwork itself seizes to be the subject everything else revolves around. The results are often self-reflective and filled with notions of language and ironic commentary on the art world, its habits, aesthetics and jargon. Hollander’s works tend to be cross- disciplinary, operating between functional object, graphic design and sculpture.

The installation Institutional Soup is a both site specific and art-fair-specific continuation of an ongoing research and functions as a stand alone Art Fair-specific companion piece to his installation which is currently on display at P/////AKT in Amsterdam. The contemporary Art Fair could be seen as one of these ecosystems, be it a somewhat distorted, distant relative. The result is a mutated or isolated environment like a deep sea cave or the densest of rainforests, involving objects that without doubt have to do with art, but feel queer at the same time. Deconstructed art fair booths are left without something to display but furniture and signage and seem to be in between construction and deconstruction. Jeez, this place smells like Institutional Soup.

Art Rotterdam
Van Nellefabriek
Van Nelleweg 1
3044BC Rotterdam

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