Jonas Ohlsson – Electro Lecture for Conceptual Soup

Public event with Jonas Ohlsson and Zoë Tim Hollander in the context of the exhibition Conceptual Soup by Zoë Tim Hollander.

20 February 2016, 20-22 hrs

Jonas Ohlsson’s reflection on Zoë Tim Hollander’s Conceptual Soup will take the shape of an Electro Lecture: a mix of logic, sounds, noises, sound effects, arguments, ideas, opinions, beats and flow. The input for this Electro Lecture is an encounter between Ohlsson and Hollander that leads to conversations, discussions, drawings or maybe even concrete poetry or musical output. Still purposefully misty and unclear, developing by itself from its own volition, but surely resulting in a flow that massages both brain halves, sometimes making sense, sometimes floating into oceans of sounds and saxophones. Ohlsson and Hollander will try to find answers and will try to clarify things. Something honest and as direct as possible – not just a mist of reverb and echo.

The event is part of
Pense-Bête I

Object: To be insincere