Added element by gerlach en koop

in the context of Conversation Four: First Person Moving by Riet Wijnen

Friday 25 November, 13-18 hrs
Saturday 26 November, 12-18 hrs
Sunday 27 November, 12-18 hrs / drinks from 16 until 18 hrs

To turn one’s pockets. To find a glove. To turn out the glove and no longer find fingers. Invited to reflect upon the fourth conversation within the series on abstraction by Riet Wijnen, gerlach en koop will temporarily add a work to the exhibition. For Marcel Broodthaers Pense-Bête marked his entry into the plastic arts, and the end of his life as a poet.
What does p////akt mark (one year)?
What does Riet Wijnen mark (one month)?
What do gerlach en koop mark (one weekend)?

The event is part of Amsterdam Art Weekend