Maurits Koster – Twenty-five years

Will it really take Place III

18 June – 17 July 2011

“I Want to make a portrait of time. A portrait of a self aware unit of time. It should also be a unit of time people could relate to. A piece of time people share(d). A temporal horizon that brings hope but also despair.” Maurits Koster’s practice consists of a multi-disciplinary approach towards the establishment of visual culture. He thereby focuses on the role and function of “institutions” and how they have conditioned our way of looking at art.

Moreover he researches, by means of himself, the context that constitutes the life and work of The Artist as a constructed identity. There are many ways through which the audience has access to an artist’s oeuvre: exhibitions, reproductions, documentation and books to only mention a few.
Koster presents himself both as a real and a fictional artist. As a consequence everything he achieves as an artist is both real and fictional, an appropriation of the parameters and systems of representation and valuation within the current discourse. The work at P/////AKT obviously relates to a tradition of institutional critique but, by its overbearing ambition towards the bigger (art)historical and existential subjects the attempt -at truly and completely integrating the institute within a total experience, involving context, maker, work and audience- might eventually fail and result in an institutional romanticism. Besides the exhibition by Maurits Koster P/////AKT is hosting a small presentation by The Mobile Museum of Ethnography . The MMoE is a flexible operation, manifesting itself depending on time and location. At P/////AKT it will take shape as a classical “museum”, presenting a small survey of the furniture that Donald Judd has designed at the end of the previous century. Although Judd is one of the foremost artists connected to the rise of minimal art, his design objects are not as well known as his art works. P/////AKT therefore is quite proud to show some new insights in the artist’s domestic life. Twenty-five years is the third part of Will it really take place, the second trilogy within P/////AKT’s format on art as a Mental Space. Will it really take place (featuring Jan Bokma, Herman van Ingelgem and Maurits Koster) focuses on shifting contexts between the art object and the art space and is moderated by VenhoevenCS architects.