White Cube – Karina Bisch, Daniël Dennis de Wit, Hendrik-Jan Hunneman, Steve Van den Bosch, Michiel Kluiters

16 September – 7 October 2007

Is P/////AKT a white cube? It is not a perfect space, nor an institution. On the other hand, it is a protected environment for visual art, an exhibition space with white walls. The participating artists all made a new work on request – for and about the phenomenon the ‘white Cube’ in general and P/////AKT in particular. 

The following points of attention are discussed: Working with / manipulating the given physical space; the white cube as a site-specific environment, for which specific work is being developed. The question of art as a theoretical problem, as a meditative object. What are the characteristics of an artwork? About works that, because of their context, ask questions: Is this art? Why is this art? What is art? Looking up the formal / conceptual boundaries within the work itself. Are there still boundaries to be broken? When does a work cease to exist? Turning non-art into art; perhaps a form of institutional criticism. What can the artwork get away with? What can still be sold as art?