Op zoek naar het sublieme – David Jablonowski, Eric Odijk, Anne Wenzel, Tjalling Visser, Derk Thijs

21 October – 11 November 2007

In Search of the Sublime. While the White Cube project focused on conceptual approaches to a spatial or mental context, this exhibition was more about the work of art as an autonomous world, that is, the work of art as an expression of the imagination, the sublime, the (terrible) beauty: that which cannot be communicated in any other way. Converting experiences and ideas to the visual is perhaps the most ‘original’ goal of art: the artist who gives shape to a vision or interpretation of the world or reality; the artist who is looking for a different experience of it, a different representation, an alternative, the unspeakable side of things. Is something similar possible within contemporary visual culture? How do we recognize authenticity? With the following points of attention: Revealing the true face; what do we see when the thin layer of politeness is peeled off? Another reality. The imagination of the ideal artwork; draw from art history. Translate what has already proven its services into something new. Wanting to grasp the incomprehensible / inexpressible; the utopia, the unattainable, the bottom, or perhaps something that has / has never been. Shaping a personal perception world, which only exists in the head of the individual …. Fairy tales, dreams, nightmares.