De Belofte, monument voor het grootste talent

7-29 April 2007

De Belofte, monument voor het grootste talent (The Promise, monument for the most promising talent) – in search of a new elite – P/////AKT dedicated an exhibition to the art academies. After all, the art academy is the place where the young talent is developing, not yet infected by the vagaries and demands of the outside world and guided by experienced artists. For the exhibition, all art academies in the Netherlands were approached and asked to propose one artist, the greatest talent participating in their fine arts department at the time, the raw diamond from the second year or the advanced exam student who was actually already heading for the museum circuit… Quite a challenge, which we gladly left up to the experts. In other words, the teachers and / or department coordinators were allowed to fight it out together.

With: Majorie Stooff, Bima Engels, Pieter Vantilborgh, Bouke Groen, Kim Rikken, Eduard Douwes Dekker, Kim Habers, Chris Jan de Leeuw, Joram Kraaijeveld, Raf Rooijmans.  The Rietveld Academie was represented  through  an anonymous ‘monument for the unknown talent’.