Tremor: The Big Bear – Sanja Medic and Bojan Fajfric (Hall)

4 March – 26 March 2006

Medic and Fajfric joining forces resulted in the reconstruction of the image of an occurrence: a photograph taken in the library of San Bernardino Valley College in the midst of an earthquake.

“Earthquakes mostly reap in chaos and destruction. What occurred in the library in San Bernandino valley, California in 1992 was an exception. Here the earthquake’s destructive tectonic wave froze and materialized into a sculpture of extreme aesthetic quality. We were inspired to re-create this unique moment, a destructive occurrence that didn’t result in chaos but in something silent, beautiful and loaded with suspense. In the experience of this remake two qualities compete: the aesthetic value of the seismic wave and the narrative quality of unfinished destruction.” – Sanja Medic