Redux (Hall + Wing)

Hans van den Ban, Mind Your Step; Piet Dirkx, Il n’est point d’amour sans ceremonial, en vue de l‘amour; Sef Peeters, Little man, now what? 

18 November – 10 December 2006

Back in Town? Within the scope of the ongoing investigation of the elite and the independent position of art, three highly experienced artists were invited by P/////AKT for re-entry into the circuit of art initiatives and were challenged to look back and revise their work.

  • Mind your step – Hans van den Ban
  • Il n ‘est point d’amour sans cérémonial, en vue de l’amour – Piet Dirkx
  • Kleine man, wat nu. ( Little man, now what) (practice of living IV) –  Sef Peeters