Lisa Sudhibhasilp
Go to the hardware store and
have a museum experience – act 3/3

Opening: Saturday 6 May, 20-24 hrs
7 May – 4 June 2017

We are looking at things, they are looking at us. Plaster casts/
Architecture is on display.
The third act as a resolution. Arrangement and agreement/
Could architecture be a display?
       Since artworks begin with shopping,
Commodities are the new material.

Lisa Sudhibhasilp‘s three-staged script for P//////AKT sets out to investigate, and perhaps even emphasise, the structures underlying presentation and the extent to which the boundaries between intent and experience, art and display, might dissolve. While the first and the second acts dealt with notions of stage and backstage and the question of (material) value, in her third and last act for the P/////AKTPOOL she will investigate different ways of looking at architecture as a display.